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OSHA Courses For Construction & General Industry

Advanced training for supervisors and managers in construction.


Essential training for entry-level workers about site safety.


Advanced-level job safety education for supervisors and managers.


Fundamental site health and safety training for amateur workers.


Complete 10 Hour and 30 Hour OSHA construction safety training.


OSHA Courses for New York

Voice proctored detailed site safety training for supervisors.


Voice proctored site safety training for entry-level workers.


Advanced-level voice proctored site health and safety training.


Voice proctored site safety awareness for amateur workers.


Cursos de OSHA en Español

Formación de 30 horas para trabajadoras de la construcción.


Formación de 10 horas para trabajadoras de nivel básico.


Capacitación de 30 horas para supervisores y gerentes.


Formación de 10 horas para trabajadores aficionados.


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What is OSHA 10 Hour Construction?

OSHA 10 Hour construction ensures you understand how to navigate common job-site hazards so that you feel safe at work. OSHA 10 Construction course will help you increase your knowledge about construction-specific safety measures under OSHA 29 CFR 1926.

Who Should Take OSHA 10 Hour Construction?

OSHA 10 Hour Construction course is for entry-level employees doing construction work. Examples of construction jobs include Carpenters, Electricians, Laborers, Masons, Plumbers, Sheet Metal Workers, Tile Workers, and Welders.

What is OSHA 30 Hour Construction?

OSHA 30 Hour Construction teaches you precisely what you need to know to build a culture of safety and reduce job-site accidents. In OSHA 30 Training you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of the policies, procedures, and best practices in OSHA’s 29 CFR 1926 standards for construction.

Who Should Take OSHA 30 Hour Construction?

OSHA 30 Hour Construction is for Construction Supervisor, Construction Managers, Safety Directors.

What are the benefits of Joining OSHA Online Center?
  • - Get 24/7 help from a dedicated Student support team

  • - 24×7 easy and fast accessibility

  • - Access in-depth course completion reporting

  • - OSHA certificate and OSHA DOL card (for OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Hour Outreach graduates)

  • - Interactive multimedia courses

  • - Affordable, customized Learning Management System (LMS)

  • - Corporate billing and group discounts

How Long My OSHA Training is Good For?

Well, there is NO Expiration date, however you should refresh your trainings after every 3-4 years, Due to frequent changes in OSHA regulation.

When I will receive My DOL Card?

You will receive your DOL card after you complete your training and pass the final exam, you will receive your DOL card in 4 weeks.