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The New York OSHA 30-Hour General Industry course covers a descriptive outline of job safety topics, which educates you on preventing, identifying, and controlling site hazards. According to New York Local Law 196, the 30 Hour OSHA  General Industry NY safety training is Voice Proctored. 


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Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course.

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Upon the completion of New York 30-Hour General Industry online training, you will be able to:

  • List the Federal OSHA, its Rules and Regulations for specific Job Operations, the Methods for Surveying and Recording Injuries and Accidents, and the Types of Safety Violations and Penalties Enforced by OSHA.
  • Recognize the roles and duties of employees, managers, and employers, as well as the significance of the overall safety and productivity of the facility.
  • Identify the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and explain why it is essential for all work modes to communicate and report site dangers.
  • Describe methods to reduce risks by reducing exposure, including fall protection, fire prevention, electrical safety, and the issues related to blood-borne infections.
  • Differentiate between confined areas and confined workspaces that require a permit.
  • Recognize the components of a Process Safety Management System (PSM) and how they prevent serious mishaps when working with or close to hazardous chemicals.
  • Recognize all methods for building safe scaffolds, including the rules for estimating, erecting, and taking down scaffolds.
  • Recognize how important it is to take precautions and reduce illness and heat stress risks.


Why take OSHA New York 30-Hour General Industry?

New York State require workers to have completed the OSHA New York 30-Hour General Industry course, particularly in industries such as construction and manufacturing.

What does safety training OSHA New York 30-Hour General Industry include?

The New York 30-Hour General Industry course includes state-specific training on topics such as fall protection, respiratory protection, and hazardous materials handling. By completing this training, you can gain a deeper understanding of the hazards specific to your workplace and learn how to prevent accidents and injuries.

Is OSHA 30 General Industry required in New York?

Yes, OSHA 30-Hour is required by the workers of New York, but the course should be according to the New York State Plan requirements. Hence, OSHA Online Center also offers state-specific courses so that the workers residing in their state can meet the State Training Requirements.

How long is OSHA 30-Hour General Industry good for in New York?

5 years. Though there is no expiry for OSHA Site Safety training, OSHA recommends employees renew their training after every 5 years. 

Is the OSHA 30-Hour General Industry online acceptable in New York?

Yes, OSHA allows workers and employers to get their OSHA Site Safety training online and on-site, but the course provider should be OSHA Authorized.

How long is your OSHA 30-Hour General Industry New York card valid for?

5 Years 

New York OSHA 30-Hour General Industry

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New York OSHA 30-Hour General Industry