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Must watch before you Enroll OSHA training with us!

OSHA 30-Hour General Industry is an online training course which is intended for workers with supervisory roles in General Industry. It outlines a broad range of Site Safety topics and OSHA Standards which will help workers identify, prevent, and control workplace hazards. 


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Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is the difference between OSHA 30-Hour Construction and General industry?

OSHA 30-Hour courses are one of the courses which meet the requirements of OSHA Outreach Training. 30-Hour training, be it Construction or General Industry, are usually detailed and comprehensive. They have a clear outline and entire workplace protection and hazards guide.

What is OSHA 30-Hour General Industry?

OSHA 30 General Industry course is designed for workers who have Supervisory roles in General Industries like Manufacturing and Agriculture. This course consists of a comprehensive outline that educates workers on identifying, preventing, and managing hazards like chemical spills or toxic substance incidents. 

What kind of credits are for OSHA 30-Hour General Industry?

The most significant credit is that you get OSHA certified, which acts as a shield against harsh OSHA penalties and citations. Alongside this, you also get an edge over the employees who have not finished their OSHA Workplace Safety training and leave a good impression on your employer.

How long is your OSHA 30-Hour General Industry card valid for?

OSHA 30 Cards do not have an expiry date, but you need to renew your OSHA Card after every 5 years.

What kinds of jobs can you work with an OSHA 30-Hour General Industry card?

One can find job at any General Industry facility like, Manufacturing or Agriculture. After getting your OSHA 30 Card you are capable to comply with any General Industry facility.

How to put an OSHA 30-Hour General Industry card on a resume?

Make a section in your resume named "Training Programs" and list down every certification, card, and training you have completed with the duration of the training program, its niche, and what the training was about. 

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OSHA 30-Hour General Industry

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