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Must watch before you Enroll OSHA training with us!

The OSHA New York 10-Hour online is a mandated safety course that comes with Voice Proctored (VP) to confirm students identities and meet New York city’s proctoring authentication requirements. Additionally, to enhance your site safety awareness, on every purchase of New York 10-Hour construction safety training, GET ONE FREE COURSE in 2 of the below:


  •   Active Shooter Online Training
  •   Human Trafficking


To seek or maintain employment in the construction industry a construction worker must complete the occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Outreach Training Program.


Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


Is OSHA 10-Hour required in New York?

Yes, according to the Article 8 stated in Public Work Contract (PWC) New York mandates OSHA Construction safety training for all the workers who directly or indirectly work at a workplace that has possible safety hazards. The state of New York requires all workers on most hazardous sites in the state to get done with the OSHA New York 10-Hour construction training.

What OSHA certification do I need in New York?

The type of OSHA certification you need highly depends on your chosen industry. For example, choose a sector that is related to General Industry in that case, you must take NY OSHA 10-Hour General Industry or if you are a construction worker in New York who needs SST training cards must complete either the OSHA 30-Hour or the 10-Hour Construction New York course that is particular to the state of New York.

Is online OSHA training acceptable in New York?

Yes, it is acceptable. Under the regulations of the Department of Building (DOB) in New York clearly mandate OSHA safety training which is supported by voice authentication. Suppose you want to work at a construction site with its possible construction-related risk. You need to get your OSHA 10 or 30 safety training New York from an OSHA Regulated Course provider, such as OSHAOnlineCenter.

How many OSHA hours are required to work in New York?

40-Hours are required for construction worker training for every worker who works under any type of hazardous construction site. You will need  New York OSHA 10-Hour Training and New York OSHA 30-Hour Training to complete your OSHA Hours.

Does OSHA 10 expire in New York?

OSHA New York 10-Hour does not require any renewal, it does not expire once you have completed your New York safety training. But on the other hand, due to the changing site safety policies and regulations, you need to renew your safety training after 5 years to be up to date about the dynamics of site hazards.

How long is 10-Hour Construction New York good for?

5 years, New York State law requires OSHA New York 10-Hour to be renewed after every 5 years of completion of the course.

For whom OSHA New York 10-Hour Hour Construction course is designed for?

New York 10-Hour Construction training is designed for workers who are new to the construction industry, such as entry-level construction workers.

OSHA New York 10-Hour Construction Industry Training


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OSHA New York 10-Hour Construction Industry Training

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OSHA New York 10-Hour Construction Industry Training