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OSHA 30 certification is designed for workers such as Site Safety Specialist, Construction Project Managers, and every worker with supervisory roles who are directly or indirectly exposed to construction site hazards and possible site accidents. To make your OSHA safety training decisions easier, on every purchase of OSHA 30 Hour, GET ONE FREE COURSE in 2 of the below:

OSHA Policies:

  • OSHA 30 certification need a minimum of Four days to be completed. Upon completion of the course you can download your printable certificate instantly. 
  • Outreach Training Programs are limited to OSHA Jurisdiction only. Student course completion cards can only be issued to students within U.S. jurisdiction.


What is the difference between OSHA 30 Hour Construction and General Industry?

According to OSHA, 30 Hour Construction and 30 Hour General Industry are two different courses for workers who require site safety training. OSHA 30 Hour Construction educates you about the hazards present at a construction site and 30 Hour General Industry trains you about the hazards present in manufacturing, retail, and warehousing.

What OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety and Health Certification Card?

OSHA 30 Card is proof of completing OSHA 30 online training from an OSHA Regulated course provider, like OSHAOnlineCenter.

What kind of credits do you get from OSHA 30 Hour Construction and General Industry?

The credits you get after completing the OSHA 30 Hour construction course and 30 Hour General Industry help you gain an edge among several more candidates for the job in any industry. In addition, the completion of safety training is appreciated by employers.

How hard is the OSHA 30 Hour training?

OSHA Online Center makes it very easy for you to get 30 Hour Construction Safety and Health Certification. In addition, we make our training user-friendly for everyone by giving free study guides with courses.

How many classes are there in OSHA 30 Hour outreach training construction?

30 Hour Construction course consists of 21 modules in total which can be completed at your own pace within 6 months.

How long is each section on 30 Hour OSHA construction course online?

You can complete your OSHA 30 certification anywhere at any time by saving your progress. There is no designated time to complete each module as OSHA Online Center’s courses are entirely self-paced, but on average, it takes about 1-2 hours to complete each module.

Why use OSHA 30 Hour Construction?

OSHA safety training is not only designed to meet your job requirements but they are also made to educate you on how safety is paramount at your workplace. The 30 Hour Construction safety and health gives you a descriptive understanding of on-site health and safety hazards and trains you on how to protect yourself and your fellow workers from any site hazards.

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OSHA 30 Hour Online - Construction

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