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OSHA Online Training In West Virginia

Must watch before you Enroll OSHA training with us!

Located in the north-eastern part of the United States covered by Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia’s economy, grossing around 71.65 billion U.S. dollars as of 2022, is diversified in sectors such as mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and service industry. Not only it is rich in natural resources and energy such as coal and natural gas and promising with technological advances, it is also a global hub for chemical manufacturing and a national hub for biotech industries. Apart from manufacturing motor vehicles, primary metals and fabricated metal products, wood products, aerospace, transportation equipment, the state is home to primary media entities including the Marquee Cinemas, West Virginia Radio Corporation, West Virginia Metro News, and West Virginia Media Holdings. West Virginia has along history of agriculture and with its rugged topographic landscape featuring hills and valleys the state is also recognized as “the Mountain State.” In addition, its major livestock outputs are broilers, sheep, cattles, hogs, chicken and farm-produced fish. With diversity in the service sector, Tourism and healthcare has significant importance with major tourist sites including White Grass Ski Touring Centre, Snowshoe Mountain, Oglebay Resort, and Canaan Valley.





Why Is There A Requirement For OSHA Certification In West Virginia?

In 1998, West Virginia qualified its separate State OSHA regulatory program (WV Code §21-3A) that provides health and safety protections to public-sector workers left uncovered by Federal OSHA Jurisdiction and conducts workplace inspections by State OSHA’s officers.


While on the other hand, many private-sector employees fall under the protection of Federal OSHA Jurisdiction; hence the U.S Department of Labor regulatory body administers regular inspections, citations, and other operations to regulate OSHA workplace safety in West Virginia.


However, West Virginia’s public-sector employees fall under the administration of the West Virginia Division of Labor. Moreover, workers enlisted in the West Virginia Legislature and the Department of Health and Corrections are particularly excluded from the range of State OSHA.


Since West Virginia’s State OSHA law necessarily endorsed Federal OSHA Standards for State government’s industrial facilities, any training obligated by Federal OSHA will also be required for those workers who fall under the State program.


Since training on specific health and safety topics is obligated by Federal OSHA and most employers of West Virginia demand safety training in West Virginia to ensure workers have adequate awareness of Occupational Safety and Health, OSHA suggests its OSHA 10-Hour courses for entry-level workers and OSHA 30-Hour courses for workers with supervisory roles.


Furthermore, workers hired for construction projects must obtain their OSHA 10 Hour Construction Certification within 21 days of being appointed on public improvement projects with expenses over $500,000 (WV Code §21-3-22) that comprise construction, reconstruction, remodeling, and repairing projects.

Benefits Of OSHA Training In West Virginia For Employees

The primary purpose of OSHA online courses in West Virginia is to encourage and prevail a healthy environment in various industrial facilities to ensure workers’ rights in terms of safety violations and dangerous working conditions; there are other benefits, too, such as:


  • Medical compensation expenses and lost workdays are reduced
  • Equipment and product damage is prevented
  • Employees’ productivity and performance increase