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Refund Policy

You need to know these key pointers before buying any safety training for yourself or your employees. We do allow refunds but on conditional bases.

We always aim to make your safety training experience easy and according to your satisfaction. However, we understand that you might get unsatisfied due to unfortunate events or circumstances. Therefore, to assist you to our fullest, we have some conditional Refund Policies listed down below:

  • If you are planning on a refund for any course, we request you to not start/open your course because once you start your course, your progress will be saved in the course.

  • Refunds are possible for Managers Account but on the condition of the course not being assigned initially to any employee.

  • You can ask for refunds within 48 Hours after you are done with your payment procedures.

You can always contact us for any query related to refunds or anything by calling, emailing, or messaging our customer representatives. We are always delighted to assist you.