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OSHA Online Training In Pennsylvania

Must watch before you Enroll OSHA training with us!

Pennsylvania is the fifth most densely populated state of the country, located in the Northeastern, Great Lakes, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. With its stable GDP, which grossed around 726.04 billion U.S. dollars as of 2022, Pennsylvania is one of the most economically diversified states and a global economic hub. In addition, the state is home to 50 Fortune 500 companies, including GE Transportation, the largest train producer in the country; Walmart, the largest private employer; and Pennsylvania University. Not only does it lead in agricultural production with its mushroom, grapes, and apple production, but Pennsylvania also comes under the list of the top producers of prescription drugs and aspirin. Moreover, with its largest known anthracite coal deposits, limestone is the second most important mineral mined in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, various historical landmarks and attractions, including the Valley Forge, the Liberty Bell, and the Gettysburg battle site, make Pennsylvania one of America's top travel destinations.





Why Is There A Requirement For OSHA Certification In Pennsylvania?

Since Pennsylvania falls into the list of those states which do not have their Official State Plan, most private-sector employees come under the administration of Federal OSHA Jurisdiction which enforces safety training in Pennsylvania. Though the public-sector employees are not subjected to Federal OSHA, the Pennsylvania General Safety Law (Act 174) applies to workplace safety.


It is not mandatory by Federal Law for everyone to take OSHA online courses in Pennsylvania. Still, since its courses cover specific topics related to different job operations and most employers prefer OSHA Certified workers, OSHA advises entry-level workers to enroll in OSHA 10-Hour courses and workers with supervisory roles to enroll in OSHA 30-Hour courses.


However, Philadelphia construction employees and contractors in Pennsylvania must get OSHA Outreach training.

As per Philadelphia Code, Title 4, Subcode A, Section A-1001.4, you are required to obtain OSHA 10-Hour Construction certificate if you are an employee who:


  • Directly executes authorized demolition or construction activities.
  • Is a State-registered Home Improvement Contractor.
  • Is a licensed contractor.


Every licensed contractor must hire at least one supervisor or manager who has completed OSHA 30 Hour Construction certification within the last five years. Construction workers in plumbing, electrical work, fire suppression, and warm air apparatus are excluded from this obligation.


Furthermore, the labor force employed under the contract of construction or demolition of a big project must be overlooked by a site safety supervisor who has taken OSHA 30 Construction training.


In addition, though OSHA has regulations pertinent to Hazardous Communications that are subjected to private-sector employees, Pennsylvania has its own "Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act (Act 159 of 1984)” to ensure workers are adequately trained on potential chemical hazards they might encounter while on duty.

Benefits Of OSHA Training In Pennsylvania For Employees

Though the primary goal of OSHA workplace safety in Pennsylvania is to protect the lives and health of workers who may encounter unknown safety hazards, it also provides benefits to employers and industrial facilities such as:


  • Workplaces are prevented from the imposition of harsh penalties from OSHA's inspections
  • Lost workday and medical compensation expenses are not compromised.
  • The performance and efficiency of workers improve.