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OSHA 30-Hour Construction is the premier workplace safety training course for personnel in the construction industry. This course covers all the essentials and comprehensive guidelines related to hazards in the industry. This course is developed and regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency responsible for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for employees across various industries. 

Many states mandate construction workers to complete this course while the majority of employers hire and promote individuals who have finished this training successfully. 


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Trainees who complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify and mitigate hazards at construction sites
  • Create a culture of safety at worksites and become leaders in accident prevention
  • Implement construction safety practices to protect themselves and their colleagues
  • Help their workplaces avoid penalties by conducting work according to OSHA’s standards
  • Report hazardous environment to the management 


What is the 30-Hour OSHA/DOL Card?

The OSHA/DOL Card is proof of completing the 30-Hour Construction Outreach training from an OSHA Regulated provider, like OSHAOnlineCenter.

How many classes does this course have?

This course consists of 21 modules that can be completed at your own pace within 6 months. There are no specific predetermined timings for any “classes” that you have to attend virtually. 

Is this course divided into sessions?

The online 30-hour program is not divided into any particular sessions. You can complete it anywhere, anytime by saving your progress. There is no designated time to complete each module as OSHAOnlineCenter’s courses are entirely self-paced. On average, it takes our students about 1-2 hours to complete each module.

How long is OSHA 30 certification valid for?

Once you pass this course, you receive an OSHA card that does not expire. However, it is recommended that individuals refresh their 30-Hour OSHA training every few years to stay up to date on changes in regulations and best practices.

What will be the cost if I buy this course in bulk?

The cost when purchased in bulk varies based on the quantity ordered. For the first five courses, you save $10 per course, starting with a $10 discount on the second order and reaching a $40 discount on the fifth order. You save $40 on the fifth order and after this, you save $15 on each additional order. On the 16th order, you save $95 and after that, you save $20 on each subsequent order.

What are the easiest steps to buy OSHA 30-Hour Construction for a group?

Go to the group enrollment page. This where you will have the option of adding different courses to your cart. You can click the plus [+] icon to increase the quantity of the courses and the cross [x] icon to deduct the courses from the cart. Once you have the desired courses, click the “Add To Cart” to proceed to the payment section. 

What is the best possible way to manage, assign, and get reports for multiple courses?

Once you have purchased multiple courses, you will have access to our LMS. This is where you can assign courses to your team members by name and you can check the progress of these courses through the LMS. If a course is about to expire without your team member completing their training, you will receive an email from our website.

Do you need separate resources to manage OSHA Courses for several employees?

No. Any safety manager can easily manage multiple OSHA courses through our LMS. You can assign courses with a single click and watch the progress of your team in real-time. You will also get notifications on your team member’s progress.

Why is buying workplace safety courses separately not as convenient then buying in the form of a group?

Buying courses in bulk saves you the effort of getting these courses separately and assigning them to different team members individually. You can easily manage these courses after buying them in groups and also get them at discounted prices.

Is OSHA 30 hard to pass?

Trainees who haven’t paid attention during the modules might find it hard to pass the final exam of the OSHA 30 course. However, It’s important to remember that there are quizzes in this course that should help you retain knowledge. Beyond this, going through a study guide before starting the course will make passing the course easier. 

Is it worth getting OSHA 30?

Getting OSHA 30 will open many doors in your career. Many employers prefer hiring workers who have completed this course. Meanwhile, if you’re already employed, doing this training will increase your chances of becoming a safety manager or a supervisor. 

What's the highest OSHA certification?

OSHA 30 is the premier course for anyone who’s looking to make a career in manual labor. Those in the construction industry can opt for 30-Hour training related to their sector while professionals in manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and retail can choose the General Industry 30-hour training. 

Is OSHA 30 better than OSHA 10?

The OSHA 10 course is for entry-level workers while OSHA 30 is for supervisors, safety managers and site leads. No course is “better” than the other. However, your employer and the state you live in might have some preferences as to which course they want you to complete. 

What happens if you finish OSHA 30 faster?

You can complete this course in a minimum of four days as OSHA allows up to 7.5 hours of training a day. However, it is recommended that you take time to go through this course as it will increase your chances of retaining information and passing the final exam on the first try. 

OSHA 30-Hour Construction

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OSHA 30-Hour Construction

The Training Process

As the name suggests, this is a 30-hour long course, which is divided into multiple modules. Each module ends with a quiz. When you complete all the modules, you take a final exam, where you must score more than 70%. The training includes case studies, demonstrations and informational material, all of which is in the form of video.

Since this course is entirely online, you can do it from the comfort of your home or office through a Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet and even your smartphone. You have six months before this course expires, which means you can pace your learning at your own convenience.

There are no predetermined timings for this course, you can learn any time of the day, for as long as 7.5 hours and as little as a few minutes. The course will pick up where you have left off.

Receive Instant Certification

The minute you successfully complete this course, you will be emailed an OSHA 30-Hour Construction certification. You can print this document and use it as proof that you have completed the training until your DOL card arrives.

OSHA 30-Hour Construction Cost

The minute you successfully complete this course, you will be emailed an OSHA 30-Hour Construction certification. You can print this document and use it as proof that you have completed the training until your DOL card arrives.

Businesses and managers that buy multiple courses will get incremental discounts, to the point where you can save $10 on every purchase. Buying multiple courses will also give access to our exclusive Manager Account, where you can monitor the progress of each trainee. Since this course is entirely online, you can do it from the

All You Need Know About

Things You Need To Know

Get your OSHA DOL Card upon successfully completing your safety training. Don't worry! Our courses are OSHA-Approved.

Is OSHA Online Center Legit?
How to get your OSHA DOL Card?


You will need to complete all modules of the OSHA 30-hour construction course and then pass the final exam by scoring more than 70%. You will get a certification for course completion as soon as you successfully pass the last exam.


After passing the course, your plastic pocket-sized DOL card will arrive at the address you provided within 2 to 3 weeks. This US Department of Labor card will assist you in gaining employment at top construction businesses.

Get Your OSHA 30 DOL Card

Earn a card from the US Department of Labor card

As Early As Two Weeks

Delivered To Your Doorstep

Receive the OSHA 30 construction card at your provided address.

As Early As Two Weeks

Plastic Card

Made from durable plastic and will fit inside your pocket.

As Early As Two Weeks

As Early As Two Weeks

Get your DOL delivered in a minimum of two weeks.


Our trainees get access to a comprehensive OSHA 30 Construction guide that will help them prepare for this course. According to our research, utilizing this guide increases your chances of acing the final exam by a staggering 90%.

You also get professional support from our experienced customer agents. They can help you during the enrollment process and answer all of your relevant queries.


This course helps trainees identify and mitigate different hazards at construction sites. It equips you with the knowledge to create and maintain a safe work environment where the threat of injuries and fatalities remains low.

OSHA 30 construction covers everything from scaffolding safety to electric hazards. It demonstrates how to maintain a list of workplace incidents in accordance with OSHA’s guidelines. Learners also grasp the importance of effective emergency communication.