Workplace safety is a serious topic but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. To make it interesting, and thought-provoking, you can introduce fun safety games for the workplace. These kinds of gaming tools are highly affordable and even gain employees' attention and improve their level of understanding regarding OSHA policies and overall workplace safety. These activities can complement OSHA training and allow you to create a workspace that’s free from accidents and hazards.


Safety training topics can be dry and challenging to discuss, making it essential to find innovative methods to reinforce security messages. Interactive, amusing, and thrilling techniques can liven up health and safety topics in creative ways, fostering a secure and productive work culture.


This comprehensive guide will give you an idea about how small and large workplaces can integrate fun safety techniques at budget-friendly rates. 




9 Fun Safety Games for the Workplace


Here are the 9 most fun workplace safety activities to engage employees and encourage them to take safety training seriously. Let’s delve into it!


Safety Scavenger Hunt


You can create a scavenger hunt theme that focuses on workplace safety. A team of workers should be sent out to look for different hints and be ready to gather various goods and equipment such as safety equipment and signage. At last, a prize is awarded to the team that collects the most objects or finishes first. 

Safety Scavenger Hunt | Safety Scavenger Game

This workplace safety contest idea not only makes safety training interactive but also reinforces the importance of identifying and using safety equipment and signage in real-life scenarios. It encourages teamwork and a keen eye for safety in the workplace.


Safety Bingo


You can create a safety bingo card that features a variety of duties, actions, and behaviors that are connected with safety. Once the employee checks off the tasks and then marks them off on the bingo, completing this line will help them to earn rewards and recognition. 


This is a safety awareness activity in the workplace that not only educates employees about safety protocols but also adds an element of fun and competition to the training, making it more engaging and memorable. 


Escape Room Challenges


Create an escape room with different scenarios related to safety. Then employees need to collaborate to solve puzzles in order to escape from the hazardous situation. This fun safety activity in the workplace tells the importance of reinforcing teamwork and decision-making skills in unsafe conditions. 


This activity tells the importance of reinforcing teamwork and decision-making skills in unsafe conditions. It's an immersive way to instill a sense of urgency and critical thinking when facing workplace safety challenges.


Self-Made Safety Videos


Introducing fun safety games in the workplace helps to develop interest in the employees. To train them, you can also play self-made safety video games. In this fun activity, you can assign a task to each team with particular safety instructions and guidelines such as fall protection or fire safety. 


Instruct them to create a video of themselves in which they suggest what to do in such a situation and give explanations of the actions you take. This creative workplace safety contest idea encourages employees to actively participate in safety training and share their insights through engaging videos.





Safety “Minute To Win It” Games


You can play a safety “minute to win it” game with a safety twist. For example, you can see who can put on PPE correctly in a short time or integrate emergency protocols within a minute.  


This will come especially useful during emergency situations when workers have little time to respond. While the workers will have fun playing the game, they will also develop critical skills required in crisis situations.


Safety Musical Chairs


You can set up a circle of chairs with the word questions related to the safety topics and tack them to the bottom. Then play music and allow employees to walk around the chairs. When the music is stopped, employees should answer the question or talk about each topic in detail. 


Safety Musical Shares is a creative workplace safety contest idea that engages employees in discussions and enhances their awareness on the subject.  


Safety Karaoke 


Arranging fun activities in the workplace is the best thing to train employees about safety training. You can host a karaoke event with a safety theme where the staff members rewrite the lyrics of the most popular songs to integrate the safety warnings. Then they can sing songs that talk about safety awareness.


Safety Karaoke adds an element of entertainment to the serious subject of workplace wellbeing and is a safety game for the workplace that workers will enjoy. 


Safety Art & Crafts


You can organize an art competition where the employees can create movies, posters, and slogans with a safety theme. This type of fun activity in the workplace area promotes health and security awareness and gives different ideas for protecting themselves from hazardous situations. 


Artistic expression is one of the most effective outlets and it can be extremely effective in the context of workplace safety. Encouraging workers to express their thoughts on the subject through art will open up communication and allow you to have a frank discussion on the topic. 


Storytelling Sessions


Encourage staff members to discuss personal experiences or close calls with workplace safety. This makes the safety message more relatable and supports the idea that everyone is responsible for maintaining safety.


Storytelling sessions are valuable workplace safety awareness activities for adults, as they foster open discussions and emphasize the importance of shared responsibility in maintaining a safe workplace.




Make Your Workplace Safer


The goal of fun safety activities for the workplace is to blend education and engagement to foster a culture of workplace safety. You can start your journey towards safer workplaces with OSHA 10 Hour and OSHA 30 Hour training. We offer cost-efficient ways for businesses to ensure a safe and productive work environment.