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Welding and cutting are both hazardous processes, therefore safety measures are needed. OSHA offers broad safety standards to keep the workplace safe. In addition to the basic principles, there are particular safety regulations that must be observed while gas welding and cutting, arc welding and cutting, and resistance welding. The topics presented in this course satisfy all of these criteria. The majority of OSHA's welding and cutting rules may be found in Subpart Q, Welding, Cutting, and Brazing, of 29 CFR 1910, the General Industry standards. OSHA standards for the construction industry, which include welding and cutting, also contain additional requirements. This class is devoted to the General Industry Standard, but it also includes important safety requirements from the Construction Standard..

Who Needs Welding and Cutting?

This course is intended for all employees who work on or around welding and cutting operations.

Welding and Cutting



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Welding and Cutting

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