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Before loading, unloading, or driving a tanker truck, a driver should always ensure that they take necessary safety precautions while conducting such procedures. Hence, Tanker Truck Inspection training will educate you on how to take appropriate safety measures while examining a chemical tanker or any tanker truck with hazardous chemicals. Enroll now in OSHA Online Center and complete your training course at a discounted price.


Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


How do you become a Tanker Truck inspector?

To become a Tanker Truck inspector, you can pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in engineering or petroleum sciences. You can also enroll in an apprenticeship program to learn from experienced tank inspectors.

How do you inspect a tanker trailer?

The inspection criteria for tanker trailer are listed down below: 

  1. External visual inspection (V), 
  2. Internal visual inspection (I), 
  3. Lining test (L), 
  4. Pressure retest (P), 
  5. Leakage test (K)
  6. Thickness test (T).
When operating a cargo tank, which parts must be first inspected by the driver?

The tank shell and heads as specified by 49 CFR 180.407.

What is tanker vetting inspection?

Tanker vetting inspection is implemented on a vessel to measure the surface area to which a vessel meets the conditions with industry regulations to ease a prospective charterer to conclude the appropriateness of a vessel to carry its cargo.

How often do tanks need to be inspected?

Every five years.

What is the permissible oxygen level in cargo tanks on tankers?

It should not be more than 8% by volume.

How often do cargo tanks need to be pressure tested?

Once every five years.

How often should a tank be calibrated?

It should be calibrated every five years.

Tanker Vehicle Inspections Training Course


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Tanker Vehicle Inspections Training Course

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