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Even the most cautious of drivers cannot avoid accidents caused by mechanical failure, therefore to prevent them you should always do the required checks. The training teaches the responsibilities of the CMV driver in keeping the CMV safe by doing pre- and post-work inspections of the vehicle. When you check the car you drive, you ensure the safety of other drivers and your own as well. The class will cover how to carry out the kinds of inspections you'll need to conduct, including how to respond to issues or problems that you discover. The components to check on MC 307/DOT 407 and MC 312/DOT 412 tanks are also shown on MC 306/DOT 406.

Who Needs Tanker Truck Inspections for Drivers?

This course is intended for CMV drivers hauling MC 307/DOT 407 or MC 312/DOT 412 tanks.

Tanker Truck Inspections for Drivers



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Tanker Truck Inspections for Drivers

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