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Do you need to learn how to work in a confined place at the lowest prices possible? Then, OSHA Online Center has the perfect budget-friendly solution for you! Our OSHA Permit Required Confined Space training teaches you how to take useful measures to eliminate the risks in confined places like tanks, sewers, and all sorts of other confined work areas.

Permit Required Confined Space online safety course is a certification which will educate you on how to identify and navigate permit-required restricted areas. This training is ideally designed for workers who are identified as General Industry workers.

Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is Permit-Required Confined Spaces?

Permit Required Confined Space certification educates you on necessary safety measures to eliminate the risks associated with working in confined space at any type of General Industry.

Which of the following is a characteristic of what OSHA calls a “Permit-Required Confined Space?”

Listed down below are some of the main characteristics: 

  1. Contains material that has the potential to inundate an entrant
  2. It has walls that have inward coverage or floors that slope downward
  3. Unguarded equipment, live wires that are uncovered, and any other known safety or health risk
OSHA issued the Permit-Required Confined Space entry standard in which year?

January 14, 1993, but the standards became effective for OSHA Permit Required Confined Spaces certification on April 15, 1993.

What OSHA calls a Permit-Required Confined Space?

OSHA refers to Permit Required Confined Spaces as ‘’confined spaces’’.

OSHA Permit-Required Confined Space who can write a permit?

The Employer of your company has to write the permit for OSHA Permit Required Confined Space. The permit is written for General Industry employees.

What is the difference between Non Permit Required Confined Space and Permit Required Confined Space?

A confined space that requires a permit is one where there are still risks to the workers regardless of the precautions they take. A confined space with no permit needed is a confined area where risks have been "effectively removed."

What is an example of a Permit Required for Confined Space?

A sewer entry is one of the most common types of Permit Required Confined Space OSHA.

Does a confined space always require a permit to be entered?

Yes, if you plan on working at a site categorized as a confined place, you require a permit.

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Permit Required Confined Space Training

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