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You should always use lock and/or tag out tools since it safeguards workers from the hazards of sudden startup while they're doing service work. The OSHA issued 3,279 citations and $3,217,970 lock-out/tagout violation penalties in 1999, making this the second-most often penalized subject. Employees must be informed on when, why, and how they are required to follow Lockout/Tagout rules. This class teaches about the equipment and processes of lockout and tagout.

It should be noted that in certain states, there are regulatory guidelines that augment the OSHA guidelines. Ensure you are in compliance with any extra lockout/tagout requirements by making sure you follow your state's legislation.

Who Needs Lockout/Tagout?

This course is intended for authorized employees who perform lockout/tagout operations. The course also provides an overview of safety procedures for affected and other employees.




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