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Need to learn how to use ladders safely? OSHA Online Center has the best solution for you. Our OSHA Ladder Safety training educates you on how to take practical safety measures while working with ladders to prevent fall accidents. Enroll now in the OSHA Online Center and complete your Ladder Safety online certification in 60 minutes! also, stock up on safety with OSHAOnlineCenter by availing our sale.


Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


Does OSHA require Ladder Safety training?

Yes, employees who work with ladders must be trained to use them safely at a construction site.

What are the safety procedures for using ladders?

These are some safety procedures of using ladders: 

  1. Have a firm grip 
  2. Lift or carry the ladder when moving it 
  3. Keep your body aligned between side rails 
  4. Work at a safe and not too tall height 
  5. Grip both feet on the ladder
What are the 4 most common causes of ladder accidents?

The 4 most common causes of ladder accidents are: 

  1. Selecting the wrong ladder 
  2. Wrong use of ladder 
  3. Incorrect placement 
  4. Usage of broken or faulty ladder
How high can you climb a ladder without fall protection?

24 feet.

Which is a safety rule for climbing a ladder?

Keep two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand, on a ladder at all times to maintain three-point contact.

What is a Ladder Safety system?

A device mounted on a fixed ladder is intended to prevent or decrease a worker's risk of going off the ladder. 

What is Ladder Safety training?

Ladder Safety training is designed for workers to use ladders safely at a construction site.

What is a general safety guideline for ladder use?

Ensure that the ladder for climbing and gripping is spotless and devoid of oil, grease, or other slip risks.

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OSHA Ladder Safety Training - Construction

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