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Need to learn how to use Hand and Power tools appropriately? OSHA Online Center has the perfect solution for your safety needs. Hand and Power Tools training teaches you to take appropriate safety precautions while working with hand and power tools at a construction site. Complete your Hand and Power Tools online course in just 60 minutes through OSHA Online Center. 

Though OSHA Regulations do not ask for any permit for this training but on the other hand, OSHA mandates construction workers to get Power and Hand tools certification for employee safety. Enroll in OSHA Online Center to complete this training at the best possible prices. 

Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What are the 5 basic safety rules for Hand and Power Tools?

The five basic safety rules for Hand and Power Tools are: 

  1. Designate a specific area for workers who use Hand and Power Tools
  2. Use of PPE usefully 
  3. Providing appropriate PPE 
  4. Selection of most safest tools 
  5. Training of correct use of the hand tools
Does OSHA require training on Hand Tools?

Yes, OSHA does not ask employees to have a permit, but it surely wants the employees managing Hand Tools to get Health and Safety training on Hand and Power tools.

What are the 10 safety tips when handling Hand and Power Tools?

The 10 safety tips are: 

  1. Dress in the rightful manner 
  2. Get appropriate training 
  3. Inspect your tools before using them 
  4. Keep your work site clean and organized 
  5. Be cautious while using Hand Power Tools 
  6. Responsible turn off the tools after using them 
  7. Work under proper lighting 
  8. Ground all tools 
  9. Get training to maintain a perfect balance and grip 
  10. Don't be scared, be confident and sure while using power Hand Tools
What are the 7 categories of Hand Tools?

The 7 type of tools are: 

  1. Hammers
  2. Wrenches
  3. Pliers
  4. Cutters and snips
  5. Screwdrivers 
  6. measuring and layout tools
  7. Striking tools
What are the most common injuries from working with Hand and Power Tools?

The most common type of injuries caused by Hand and Power Tools are:

  1. Electrocution 
  2. Eye injuries caused by particles 
  3. Puncture and lacerations wounds 
  4. Amputations
  5. Constant-use injuries 
  6. Hearing loss
What PPE is needed when using Power Tools?

Yes, appropriate PPE is mandatorily needed while using Power Tools.

What are the 5 dangers of Power Tools?

5 dangers caused by Power Tools are: 

  1. Noise
  2. Vibration
  3. Electrical 
  4. Moving parts 
  5. Projectiles

Hand & Power Tools Training - Construction


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Hand & Power Tools Training - Construction

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