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OSHA estimates that over 32 million employees in over 3 million American workplaces are exposed to 650,000 hazardous chemicals. A basic idea, OSHA's Chemical Hazard Communication Standard assumes workers have a right to know the risks and identities of the substances they deal with. The Hazcom Standard is intended to give workers with the information they need to operate safely.

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard has been modified to comply with the UN's Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) standards.

OSHA Hazard Communication and Global Harmonized System (GHS) standards are among the topics covered. The purpose and information needed by GHS of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), the necessary information for appropriate labelling, including GHS pictograms, and Hazcom information and training requirements are also addressed.

Who Needs GHS Hazard Communication?

This course is intended for all employees who work near or with hazardous chemicals.

GHS Hazard Communication



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GHS Hazard Communication

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