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To decrease the amount of accidents and fatalities associated with insufficient training of forklift operators, OSHA's rules are designed to help ensure that operators are well informed and trained to handle the specific tasks assigned to them. All businesses with forklift operations, from general industry to shipyards, marine terminals, and longshoring activities, are subject to the rules, save for those involved in agricultural work. OSHA believes that OSHA training standards may help save the lives of 11 people and avoid almost 9,000 injuries each year.

This class fulfils OSHA's safety regulations for those who want to get authorization to operate powered industrial trucks. After finishing this course and completing an operational demonstration of their abilities behind the wheel of a forklift, students will be deemed eligible to operate a powered industrial vehicle.

Who Needs Forklift Safety?

This course is intended for all forklift operators.

Forklift Safety



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Forklift Safety

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