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Need to save yourself from Fall Hazards at a construction site? OSHAOnlineCenter has the perfect solution for you. Fall Protection certification educates you on preventing Fall Hazards at a construction site. OSHAOnlineCenter makes it very easy for you to complete your safety training, complete your OSHA Fall Protection course in 60 minutes. Keep your team safe with our special offers on safety training

Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


How often is Fall Protection training required?

After every 2 years you need to get Fall Protection safety training according to OSHA Standards.

Does OSHA require Fall Protection certification?

Yes, OSHA Standards mandates every construction employee to get Fall Protection OSHA certificate. 

Can I buy a Fall Protection course for someone else?

Yes, through OSHAOnlineCenter you can buy courses for yourself and anyone you want.

What is the minimum requirement for Fall Protection?

6 feet is the minimum requirement in the construction industry for Fall Protection.

What are the four OSHA requirements for Fall Protection?

Listed down below are the 4 OSHA requirements for Fall Protectionn: 

  1. 4 feet in general industry workplaces
  2. 5 feet in shipyards
  3. 6 feet in the construction industry
  4. 8 feet in long shoring operations
What are Fall Protection training requirements?

Learn about Fall Protection training requirements through for further assurance.

Fall Protection Training - Construction


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Fall Protection Training - Construction

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