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Learn how to maintain yourself in constructional operations through the OSHA Ergonomics certificate. Construction is considered to be a hard labor job, and so Many workers are frequently required to lift, squat, bend, kneel, twist, and perform other physically demanding construction tasks. It's so important to be properly fit for the job. Ergonomics online training is essential in decreasing workplace accidents.

Enroll in OSHAOnlineCenter and complete OSHA Ergonomics safety training in just 60 minutes and at the lowest prices possible.

 Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


Does OSHA provide Ergonomics training?

Yes, OSHA surely does provide OSHA Ergonomics training.

Who is qualified to do an Ergonomic assessment?

Ergonomist is responsible for the Ergonomic assessment.

What are the 3 types of Ergonomics?

Listed down below are the 3 types of Ergonomics: 

  1. Physical Ergonomics 
  2. Cognitive Ergonomics
  3. Organizational Ergonomics
What is OSHA Ergonomics certificate?

The OSHA Ergonomics certificate is proof of the completion of OSHA Ergonomics training.

Does OSHA require Ergonomics training?

OSHA does not have any particular training needs for Ergonomics. However, workers who have received training in recognizing and avoiding ergonomic risks are better at making the construction site safer.


Will I get a certificate?

Yes, but only if you score 70% or above marks in the final exam of online Ergonomics course.

Who should be trained in Ergonomics?

The workers who are responsible for construction workers well being and safety must get Online Ergonomics certification.

OSHA Ergonomics Training - Construction


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OSHA Ergonomics Training - Construction

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