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Commercial motor vehicle accidents may be very destructive, as products are lost, cars and property are damaged, people are hurt, and worst of all, lives are lost. To reduce CMV accidents, drivers must ensure they are in the greatest possible physical condition. In order to ensure that all motorists are as safe as possible, the government mandates all new CMV drivers to study driver wellness.

This course is designed to inform you about six of the most critical driver health issues. Controllable lifestyle factors include dietary modifications, physical activity, stress reduction, adequate sleep, the use of alcohol and drugs, and smoking. The book will show you where your health risks are and how to stay healthy (and safer driving).

Additionally, this course complies with the entry-level driver training requirements as stated in 49 CFR 380.503(c) - Entry-level Driving Requirements, Driver Wellness.

Who Needs Driver Wellness?

Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers

Driver Wellness



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Driver Wellness

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