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Learn about what is Driver Qualification (DQ) for drivers and the purpose of Driver Qualification Regulations by taking Driver Qualifications (DQ) training for CMV Drivers through OSHAOnlineCenter.

Enroll now in OSHA Online Center and complete your course in just 30 minutes at the lowest possible prices.


Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is Driver Qualification (DQ) for CMV Drivers certification training?

Driver Qualifications (DQ) are the records recorded by motor carriers. Each driver who uses a CMV is listed on that record which is recorded on paper or digitally while the page is registered with the USDOT.

What does DQ mean in trucking?

Driver Qualification in Trucking certifies truck drivers.

What should be in a driver's DQ file?
  1.  Application for a Job as a Driver
  2. A pre-employment survey 
  3. The first MVR
  4. Road test certification (not required if the driver had to take a road test to obtain their CDL)
  5. The MVR is employed in the yearly review.
  6. A report of infractions
  7. Yearly evaluation
  8. A medical ID
  9. The skill performance evaluation certificate
How do I enroll with Driver Qualifications (DQ) for CMV Drivers?
  1. Enroll now in OSHAOnlineCenter 
  2. Select your desired course, for example, Driver Qualifications (DQ) for CMV Drivers
  3. Get done with your payment procedure, and after your payment procedure, you will be registered instantly
Can I study this course from outside the US?

Yes, through, you can study from anywhere you want.

Is the course recognized?

Yes, this course is recognized by US Department of Transportation (DOT)

Will I get a certificate?

 You can instantly receive your printable certificate on your computer upon the completion of the course.

Driver Qualifications (DQ) for CMV Drivers Training


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Driver Qualifications (DQ) for CMV Drivers Training

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