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Applicants who are required to seek guidance on basic understanding of dealing with Hazardous Materials are encouraged to enroll in OSHAOnlineCenter’s DOT HAZMAT General Awareness course. This course will educate participants about the regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials, the classification of hazardous materials, and security awareness requirements in accordance with the regulations of DOT.


Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is DOT HAZMAT General Awareness certification training?

DOT HAZMAT General Awareness training provides basic awareness to workers on transporting hazardous or dangerous materials according to the standards of the Department of Transportation.

How often is HAZMAT General Awareness online course required?

Once every three years.

What must be included in General Awareness training for Hazardous Materials?

This training must include awareness of security risks associated with hazardous materials transportation, methods designed to enhance transportation security and a component covering how to recognize and respond to possible security threats.

How many DOT Hazard classes are there?

Nine classes.

Can I buy a DOT Hazardous Materials General Awareness course for someone else?


Can I study DOT HAZMAT General Awareness from outside the US?


How do I enroll in a HAZMAT General Awareness course?

You can enroll in OSHA Online Center and complete your DOT Hazardous materials General Awareness course at the lowest possible prices.

For whom a HAZMAT General Awareness course is designed for?

This course is specifically designed for HAZMAT employees.

DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training


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DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training

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