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To prevent paper rolls from slipping or falling while in transit, learn how to securely transport cargo by taking Paper Rolls Cargo Securement training for drivers. According to the Department of Transportation, while shipping paper rolls, drivers can face many hurdles, such as displacement or rearward movement which can result in severe accidents.

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Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is Paper Rolls Cargo Securement course for drivers?

This is an online training course to teach workers how to load, unload and transport  paper rolls securely.

How do you secure paper rolls on cargo?

A planned securement system should be followed containing three key features:

  1. Requirements for placement
  2. Requirements for preventing side-to-side movement
  3. Requirements for preventing rearward movement
How long does it take to get a Paper Rolls Cargo Securement certificate?

After passing your Paper Rolls Securement Course, your downloadable Paper Rolls Securement certificate can be instantly printed from your own computer. 

Do I need any previous experience before I join Paper Rolls Cargo Securement course?

Workers applying for Paper Rolls Cargo Securement course should be at least skilled in driving.

What happens if I fail an exam of Paper Rolls Cargo Securement?

If failed, you will be locked out of the course but the good news is that you can start from scratch by repurchasing it.

Will I get a certificate?


For whom a Paper Rolls Cargo Securement course is designed for?

This course is designed for CMV workers.

How much does this training course cost?

You can enroll in this course now in just $19.95 with

Paper Rolls Cargo Securement Training for Drivers


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Paper Rolls Cargo Securement Training for Drivers

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