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Learn how to take accurate safety measures while parking, starting up the vehicle, and backing it up by taking startup, backup, and parking procedures DOT training for CMV drivers. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), many CMV drivers do not take startup, parking, and backing-up procedures seriously hence which results in spontaneous accidents.

Enroll now in OSHAOnlineCenter and complete your Start up, back up, and parking procedures online course for CMV drivers in just 10 minutes at best possible prices. Don't miss out OSHAOnlineCenter discount offer for safety training for a chance to stay safe!


Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is Start up, back up, and parking procedures training for CMV Drivers?

Startup, backup, and parking procedures certification course guides CMV drivers to start, backup, or park a commercial motor vehicle safely.

What are the safety tips to remember when backing up?

These are some tips you need to follow: 

  1. Check all mirrors while backing.
  2. Perform a walk-around.
  3. Look for any tire hazards. 
When backing your truck you should always use what method before backing CDL?

Spotter method.

What should you check before driving a CMV?

These are the things you need to check before driving a CMV: 

  1. Service brakes 
  2. Parking (hand) brake
  3. Steering mechanism
  4. Lighting devices and reflectors
  5. Tires and rims
  6. Horn
What are the 49 CFR 391 requirements?

A person is not allowed to operate a commercial motor vehicle unless they are qualified. You need to be qualified by taking the Start up, Back up, and Parking procedures course for CMV drivers.

What is the very first step you should take when starting a tractor-trailer engine?

These are the steps you need to take when starting a tractor trailer engine: 

  1. Push the clutch down.
  2. By grabbing it, please ensure the gear shift is in the neutral position.
  3. Start the truck while holding down the clutch.
  4. After that, slowly release the clutch to ensure the vehicle won't take off.
How do I get certification?

As soon as you are done with your course you will receive a certificate of completion which is easily downloadable and printable.

Start Up and Parking Procedures Training for CMV Drivers


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Start Up and Parking Procedures Training for CMV Drivers

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