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Learn how to take accurate safety measures when changing lanes by taking CMV Drivers training in Changing Lanes and Passing. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), drivers should vigilantly change lanes, so every driver must take this course.

Enroll now in OSHA Online Center and complete your CMV Drivers DOT course in Changing Lanes and Passing in just 10 minutes at the best possible prices. Stay safe with our safety training at discounted prices!


Note: This training will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course


What is changing lanes and passing training for CMV Drivers?

CMV Drivers need to understand the correct ways of changing lanes while driving.

Do I need to come to a training venue?

No, enroll now in OSHAOnlineCenter and complete your DOT safety training online and at your own pace.

What are the 5 steps to lane change?

5 steps for changing lane are: 

  1. Turn on your indicator 
  2. Check your rearview and side mirrors 
  3. Check your blind spot 
  4. Change lanes 
  5. Turn off your indicator
How do you look over your shoulder when changing lanes?

Look over your shoulder by angling your body and turning your head.

When will I receive my course changing lanes and passing for CMV Drivers?

Once you enroll in OSHA Online Center and complete your payment procedure, you will get your LMS access, and then you can start your course.

When changing lanes, the first step should always be?

Turning on the indicator is the first step you should always implement when changing lanes.

Should you slow down when changing lanes?

Yes, you should always slow down when changing lanes.

CMV Drivers Training in Changing Lanes and Passing


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CMV Drivers Training in Changing Lanes and Passing

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